Lefkes - Paros

'Lefkes - Paros - Greece' - Paros
'Lefkes - Paros - Greece' - Attribution: Loic Pinseel

The beautiful mountain village of Lefkes, one of the few in Paros not to have been fully exploited touristically, used to be the capital of Paros, a fact that has left its signature at the village's main road, with all the impressive 15th century buildings. Wheeled vehicles are banned inside the village, which is really worthy since the visitor will definitely be impressed by the marbled roads, the traditional shops and the 'green' house-yards, which are artistically decorated with an abundance of flowers. Coming from Paroikia, the road will lead you here through the ancient quarries of Marathi, that now are out of service and available to be visited, although those who are interested to do so should be really careful in the ancient tunnels. Finally, the marble church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) at the east side of Lefkes, is really worth visiting, since even the episcopal throne and the pulpit are made of marble.

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