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Paros is the 3rd largest of Cyclades islands and inhabited since ancient times. It consists one of the first places in Greece to be touristically organised many years now, while its economy is now strongly based on tourism. However, the main financial source during 19th century was its mineral wealth, which explains the nickname 'minor industrial europe'. Its agricultural production is limited to vineyards and olive trees, that barely cover the island's needs.

During 15th August, to the honour of Virgin Mary of Ekatontapyliani celebration, the biggest local festival of Paros takes place in Paroikia. Moreover, the Feast of Wine and Fish also keeps a special place among local events.

At the Feast of Wine, everyone can taste the local wine, which has a recognized and protected designation of origin under the name 'Paros' and together with the wine of Santorini, produced at the nearby island of Santorini, they are the among the finest wines produced in Cyclades islands.